Zhuzhou Tomb Raider Brings Warring States Ancient City to the Surface

Due to a tomb case, an ancient Warring States site gradually surfaced.

In September this year, a tomb was found in Chaling County, Zhuzhou City, and six large pieces of bronze funerary objects and four small pieces of funerary objects were seized. According to the identification of the Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, some of the stolen items were belonging to the artifacts of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty and the Warring States Period. They are national cultural relics.

In October, the Zhuzhou City and County Cultural Relics Bureau formed an archeological team to conduct rescue excavations on stolen ancient tombs. As the excavation progressed, archaeologists not only discovered the ancient tombs but also initially excavated sites such as moats, city walls, and wells. Archaeologists speculated that this should be the site of the ancient city of Xiaotang, a major military town during the Warring States period.

State-level archaeological leader and researcher and director of the Zhuzhou Municipal Bureau of Cultural Relics Xi Duohe said that in fact, during the second national cultural relics survey in the 1980s, Xiaotang Old Town was found in Xiaotang Village, Chaling County, Zhuzhou City. The reason has not been explored. “And in the future, the veils of the ancient city of Xiaotang will be fully unveiled, and even a cultural relic will be built here.”

Finding: Tomb Rafts Pulling Ancient Tombs

According to the person in charge of the Chaling County Cultural Relics Bureau, in July of last year, the Jiangxi man Wang Wang learned that there was an ancient tomb in Xiaotang Village, Chaling County. After the middleman found the locals Hemou, the three men reached an agreement on robbery. After the trio, they invited about 5 associates to join. The tomb robbers stole a total of eight items from bronze tombs on the bronze tombs, such as bronze pots, three-legged tripods and bronze tripod tripods, of which six were national relics. At present, seven artifacts have been recovered.

In October this year, Zhuzhou City and county cultural relics departments carried out rescue excavations on stolen ancient tombs. In mid-October, 8 people from Zhuzhou City's archaeological team entered Chaling. It took nearly half a month and the other party took a few kilometers for investigation and exploration. As a result, it was found that the Xiaotang Warring States tomb has a total of 4 tomb groups. It is the highest standard Chu Chu tomb discovered in Zhuzhou City.

According to reports, among the 4 tomb groups, 2 tombs in Dongling, 2 in Huangdang, 1 in Huangnipo and 1 in Tangxia have started to be excavated at the end of October. At present, the largest number of tombs in the wasteland of No. 2 in Tanggu is harvested, and the cultural relics are basically found there.

Relics: Unearthed two bronze swords

According to Huang Yangqiu, the deputy leader of the archaeological team of the Zhuzhou Municipal Bureau of Cultural Relics and the archaeological team of Xiaotang Ancient City Ruins, they discovered more than 30 cultural relics in the tomb of No. 2 in Tangyue at 4 pm on December 13th. According to reports, the tomb of No. 2 in the Tomb of the Wilderness is a tomb of a Vietnamese, consisting of two tombs, with a length of 17.4 meters, a width of 3.4 meters and a residual depth of 3.15 meters, or the largest tomb of the Yue people in our province.

Huang Yangqiu introduced that these funerary objects include two bronze swords, two bronze gems and two bronzes.

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