Introduction to characteristics of iron ore dry selection equipment

1, the processing capacity is large, can handle 1500 ~ 3000 tons a day.

2, the end of run low, with many iron ore by our experiments Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, tailings product control than 1.2.

3. No water, save water resources. There is no need to build a tailings pond to save the tailings dam and related facilities, and the forest land and plants are used for compensation.

4, can directly produce a part of more than 60% of the finished product (can also be adjusted to 60% to 68% according to demand), and produce a part of semi-finished products, the grade of semi-finished products is about 30% to 60%, semi-finished products can be directly sold, or inherited The ball mill is re-selected with this product or water selection equipment.

5, for soft ore, sand mine, etc., can be directly broken to a certain degree of fineness, using this product to produce finished products and some finished products. Direct sales, maximizing investment in mineral processing equipment.

6. The energy consumption of this equipment is very low. The power of the core equipment dry sorting machine (not counting the conveyor belt) is only 6KW, which greatly reduces the production cost.

In addition to the core part of the device, most of the structure is simple and the failure rate is low.

The Plate-Fin Heat Exchanger can realize air-air, air-water, air-oil, refrigerant-air, and other fluid medium heat exchange processes. The tube&Flat fin heat exchanger can realize the air-water, air-air fluid medium heat exchange process, and the cold plate heat exchanger can realize the water cooling cycle refrigeration process.

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Water Shell&Tube Heat Exchanger

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