You should know the contents of the car driver's license

Nowadays, buying a car is almost always a distant dream. Many people have started to get a driver's license, and most of the people who test are drivers' licenses. So if you understand the driver's license of the car completely, now we will look at some of the contents of the driver's license of the car. Today we mainly talk about ordinary cars.


There are two levels of driving licenses for ordinary cars: one for C1 and the other for C2. C1 is the driver's license of a manual car, and C2 is an automatic driver's license. Only the automatic driver's license can not open the car. However, there is a manual driver's license can be opened automatically car.

The car driver's license needs to be obtained through the exam. The exam is divided into five subjects. There were only four subjects in the past. The newly added fifth subject is the exam before the high speed. Only through the fifth subject can be on the high-speed, otherwise it is not eligible for high-speed. One of the subjects is a computer test that everyone knows about, and the test is about traffic regulations. The second variant of subject two is in fact the path test taken by everyone, followed by the road test, the scientific name is also called the road driving skill test, and the investigation of traffic safety knowledge, that is, subject three and subject four.


The previous car driver's license is required for annual review. Now, the C card does not require annual review. As long as you do not have more than 12 points deducted from the annual violation, and all illegal fines are paid clearly, you no longer need annual review. Now. If you default on this year's illegal fines to the next year, you need to pay late fees. The current driver's license of the car is valid, and as long as he passes the annual inspection of six years, he can replace the driver's license for a period of ten years.

Now the country has a lot of new traffic rules, such as not being able to answer calls and make calls on the road, wearing seatbelts in the rear seats, not having children on the copilot, and so on. These will be fined after being caught. Once the demerit points exceed 12 points in one year, the driver's license will be revoked, and you must go to the road safety education and training, and re-exam after passing the driver's license again.

It still takes several months for a car driver's license to pass a test. I believe that many people learn the history of the car is sad, then do not arbitrarily violate the rules, do not take their lives seriously, understand its relevant knowledge, you can Start your driver’s license journey.

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