Second-hand car market status

With the rapid development of the modern economy and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people’s consumption of automobiles is also gradually increasing, resulting in a second-hand car industry, and the automobile trading market has continued to expand. Today, Xiao Bian gave us a detailed introduction to some of the current market issues concerning second-hand automobiles. Now let's take a look at it with Xiao Bian.


China’s second-hand automobiles should have continued to grow and develop in the past five years. Judging from the current trading situation, the number of used car purchases in recent years like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangdong far exceeds the number of new car purchases. The introduction of the "12th Five-Year" related automobile content by the country is the rapid development of the used car market. However, we can also see from the current development situation that there are many problems in the used car market. So what are the problems? Let's take a look.

First: The market access threshold is relatively low. Our current second-hand automobile industry is still in a period of immature, and the auto market system is not so perfect. As a result, the number of second-hand automobiles used is increasing, business orders are also very disordered, and business ethics is often irregular. .

Second: The tax policy is incomplete and unsupported. The state’s management of paid taxes and fees for second-hand automobiles is also inadequate. The tax policy is incomplete, which greatly increases the risk of second-hand automobile transactions and increases the cost of second-hand automobiles.

Third: The market fees vary. At present, second-hand cars are not the same as the fees charged in the trading markets of different countries. The charging standards are also different. This will increase the transaction costs of automobiles to some extent, and it will also restrict the development of the second-hand car market.

Therefore, the second-hand automobile market needs continuous improvement, and the country needs to continuously strengthen and standardize second-hand automobiles. From the pre-sale service of automobile transactions to the after-sales service of automobile transactions, it must be done to ensure scientific management of the entire process of second-hand car transactions. .

The above is the overview of the market development of second-hand automobiles in the overview of Xiao Bian. In order to make the development of the used-car market more and more successful, it is necessary not only to provide strong support and assistance from the state, but also to manage well-used second-hand automobiles by operators of second-hand automobiles. enterprise.

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