Things to watch out for when driving in a rainy day

There are many accidents, many breakdowns, and dangerous weather is the rainy season. When driving in rainy weather, special attention needs to be paid. If you are not careful, you will be in danger. So come today and let everyone know about the things that need attention in rainy days.


Driving on a rainy day must be prohibited. The rainy ground will become slippery due to the accumulation of rain. When the ground and tires come into contact with each other, they will slip. Therefore, the friction between them will be reduced, and the car will be easily horizontal. Glide on the road. Especially asphalt pavements are more slippery after light rain. If the driver blindly overtakes the front vehicle and the speed is very fast, the car is more likely to slip, especially when it is desired to decelerate, and when emergency braking is used, it is extremely dangerous. If it is handled improperly, the rollover is very easy to happen, resulting in accidents in the back of the car. It is a very dangerous thing. Therefore, driving speed in rainy days requires strict control and must not be driven by speeding. Based on the condition of the road surface, a smooth and safe vehicle speed can be used anytime, anywhere, and a dangerous situation must be dealt with in advance.

Even if the driving technique is good on a rainy day, you cannot drive a car with illness. The condition of the driver seriously affects the safety of driving. This is also an important precondition for driving safety. Especially the rainy weather is even more important. If the driver’s technical condition is poor, the increase will be the frequency of accidents, and it will be a great threat to safe driving. There is also a need for the vehicle’s internal machinery and equipment to work properly. If the brakes, lights, and wipers appear to be Never drive on the road. When driving on a rainy day, routine maintenance of the vehicle must be strengthened. Check the vehicle before getting on the vehicle and check it off again. If problems are found, it must be handled and maintained in time. Therefore, the driver should drive in rainy weather. Sick driving and faulty cars must not be out of the way.

Drivers must be fully prepared to be careful when traveling to be able to travel safely and return home healthily. The above points of rain driving attention do you remember?

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