Led outdoor mobile advertising vehicle LED screen points

Nowadays, real estate development in various cities is also very hot, so when outdoor activities are often seen LED outdoor mobile advertising vehicles for certain real estate advertising campaign. LED outdoor mobile advertising car is the use of LED display as a promotional advertising model, then we buy a car and car, you also need to pay attention to the LED screen when installing some of the basic points.


1. Therefore, the larger the screen area of LED outdoor mobile advertising vehicles , the amount of electricity consumed will also be very large. There must be a proper choice for the wire used, and it must be in line with the relevant national standards. In addition, when using the equipment, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning, maintenance, etc. so as to ensure the best performance of the screen.

2. Since LED screens of LED outdoor mobile advertising vehicles are electronic products, attention should be paid to the operation when using electricity. It is very good to ensure that the power consumption of the LED display can reach a standard range.

3. Selecting the carrier's selectivity that can carry the LED screen is very important. It not only needs to be able to guarantee the stability between the carrier and the LED screen, but also guarantees that it can have the performance of earthquake resistance and weather resistance. Therefore, in choosing a suitable LED outdoor outdoor advertising vehicle LED screen, still need to have a very accurate calculation.

4, the ventilation of the LED screen is a very important cooling, you can install a professional use of the fan behind the screen of the LED outdoor mobile advertising car, in order to be able to heat the LED screen. And when using the vehicle, you also need to pay attention to a heat dissipation problem, and use appropriate cooling measures in different seasons.

5, LED outdoor mobile advertising car screen because the long-term nature is used in the outdoor publicity, so we must face this variety of weather challenges, if the LED square meters after the rain is wet, there will be different The degree of short-circuit failure, in serious cases, may even cause a fire. Therefore, for the LED screen waterproof and moisture-proof work to do a good job protective measures.

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