Faced with the United States dual anti-wind god tires plan to expand market share in Russia

Fengshen Tire data shows that in 2015 China's tire exports to Russia contracted by 48%. The reason is that the levy of a protection tax on Chinese-made truck radial tyres started at the end of 2015 has increased the tariff rate from 14.8% to 35.4% and caused the price of the product to rise by 20% due to the devaluation of the ruble.

Fengshen Tire plans to expand its market share in Russia by at least 10%

Fengshen Tire decided to completely change its marketing strategy in Russia and plans to expand its market share in Russia by at least 10% and continue to make Russia a priority market.

China’s Aeolus Tyre Co., Ltd.’s chairman Bai Yuping stated that at present, it is not an easy stage for the company to expand its turnover. He said that the stagnation has caused the company to suffer heavy losses. The company now focuses on establishing long-term relationships with Russian consumers and will develop after-sales service systems and aggressive marketing.

Russian experts believe that although Chinese manufacturers have shown clear enthusiasm in promoting their products, they will not achieve significant results in the near future. Maxim Rapping, general manager of Petromax, stated: “Since the start of anti-dumping duties on Chinese tires, Chinese manufacturers have lost their position in the market, especially in the field of truck tires. I believe that 2016 is not easy for Chinese manufacturers. The demand is still at the level of 2015."

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Machine characteristics:

1. The machine frame adopts the manufacturing process of integral welding and overall tempering to achieve better precision and strength.

2. This machine is equipped with a long hair plucking device, which can make the machine to achieve high speed of the short brush and height range of the long brush.

3. The machine is equipped with 2 drilling heads and 1 tufting head to produce all kinds of brush feather.

4. This machine can change freely from the tufting machine to the Drilling and Tufting Brush Machine.

5.The machine equips with the human-machine touch screen control system, Chinese and English display, and the large amount of memory for editing simple brush program. The operation is flexible and convenient;

6. The parts are designed according to the standard, the hair mouth, the plucking knife and the needle are designed according to European standards, and all the parts of the same series can be used by each other.

7. Double or single colour wire is available.

8. The machine is installed with the automatic lubrication system and thus the parts` service life can be extended.

9. The platform can be chosen according to the customer`s needs.

   a. Broom, cloth brush workbench

   b. Spherical toilet brush, hemispherical disc brush workbench

   c. disc brush workbench

   d. Tubular roller brush, comb platform

10. Different worktables are available for easy replacement. Different types of brushes can be produced: flat brush, toilet brush, dish brush, hair comb, pig hair bath brush, copper wire brush, roller brush and disc brush.

11. Method of planting: Flat wire.

4 Axes Drill And Tuft Brush Machine

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