Water quality online monitoring system makes aquaculture easier

Aquaculture is not an emerging industry in China, but it is indeed a technical activity. It takes more thought and energy to experience. The key lies in the detection and regulation of aquaculture environment, creating a comfortable environment for aquatic products. Only by satisfying these basic conditions, aquaculture will become very simple, and the online water quality monitoring system will just meet the needs of the aquaculture industry for water quality testing.

Water quality online monitoring system

In the process of aquaculture, low temperatures can cause slow growth and even death of fish. At the same time, high temperatures can reduce the activity of enzymes in the fish and cause death. Therefore, the use of an online water quality monitoring system to detect changes in water temperature plays a key role in modern aquaculture. It can report the monitored water temperature to management personnel in a timely manner so that managers can clearly see the current temperature value of water temperature. In order to ensure that the breeding water temperature is in a safe range.
Oxygen is also indispensable for the growth of aquatic animals. For example, fish, etc., need to survive through the dissolved oxygen in the water. In the past, before the online water quality monitoring system was used, a large number of fish and shrimp died due to lack of oxygen. The farms have occurred, but now using the water quality online monitoring system to monitor, you can intuitively check the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the water, and then determine whether you need to start aerobic pump oxygen, to ensure the safe growth of fish and other aquatic products.
In fact, with the application of the water quality online monitoring system, aquaculture is safer than ever before. The sudden death of a large number of aquatic products has been effectively curbed, and the yield and quality of aquaculture have also been greatly improved. Aquaculture is also easier and simpler to manage. In large-scale aquaculture, the application of the water quality online monitoring system will be more prominent and obvious, which will promote the scale and intensive development of the aquaculture industry.

Auto-Gripper Under overhead-crane

The special-purpose gripper used in traditional Spun Pile production industry.

The special-purpose gripper is suitable for spinning and curing place of spun pile production flow.

The application scope of special-purpose gripper:φ300---φ600 standard Spun Pile Mould ,Length 15m and below.

Auto-gripper of crane for spun pile mold


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