Titanium dioxide rises rapidly

Yesterday, the price increase of titanium dioxide was opened by Sichuan Longjing. Today, several companies took part in “performance”. As of yesterday, a total of seven titanium dioxide enterprises announced price increases, and the price increase rate was generally at 500 yuan/ton. It should be said that the current wave of price increases is relatively rapid from the eighth time. The price increase at the beginning of July continued until mid-term. If this rate is followed, the ninth round of price increase will be completed in early August.

The reason why the rise is so fast is that the main factor is the change in the supply and demand side. In the case of a sluggish demand in the global titanium dioxide industry, the reduction in production has become inevitable. The international market is even more obvious. Huntsman, Europe’s largest supplier of titanium dioxide powder, shuts down the sulfur dioxide production capacity of 100,000 tons per year; Teno’s titanium dioxide suspended one of the six titanium dioxide mills in the United States (a total of six production lines). Production line and one production line of Tiwest Pigment Factory (a total of 4 production lines) in Kwinana, Western Australia. Reduced total capacity of the company by 15%; Chemo shuts down its EdgeMoor plant for titanium dioxide production near Wilmington, Delaware, USA, and the titanium dioxide production line No. 3 in the Johnsonville plant in New Johnsonville, Tennessee, reducing total annual 150,000 tons of titanium dioxide production. On the domestic front, Lililian expects the total production capacity to be eliminated to account for 20% of the annual output. In addition, small and medium-sized enterprises in the Panzhihua region use the method of reducing production to fight against the harsh economic environment. In addition to the recent progress in environmental protection verification, the operating rate of enterprises has been reduced, and the supply of titanium dioxide itself is not large.

Happily, the export of titanium dioxide also broke out this year. In June 2016, China exported 63882.395 tons of titanium dioxide, which was a year-on-year increase of 44.48%, a decrease of 10.32% compared with the previous period, and the average export price was about 1602.85 USD/ton. The total titanium dioxide in January-June 2016 was Exports of 348,506.326 tons, an increase of 28.04%. The high-eruption exports further boosted the inventory of manufacturers, and the outsiders or channel distributors had the impression that they were out of stock. In fact, manufacturers first responded to exports, then they preferentially supplied direct end-customers, and finally they caused traders to queue up and wait for more goods; Price is a positive signal; but does the supply and demand side actually change? Look at the anatase titanium dioxide to know the real situation, the current domestic downstream demand market is still weak, the actual transaction price of the market has not yet changed, the general manufacturers take mostly old orders before. The volume of new orders is limited. However, as the price rises, the downstream rigid demand will gradually accept the reality of rising prices, and the holding company will gradually realize the price adjustment results before.

On the cost side, the price of titanium concentrates rose sharply in July. At present, 46% of titanium concentrates currently offer 820-850 yuan/ton as a whole. It is worth mentioning that some quotations are already higher than the price of imported ore. In the future, due to the weather, the production cost of miners may rise again. In addition, Pangang's Chongqing titanium industry's 100,000 tons sulfuric acid titanium dioxide project is about to fall, the supply of titanium concentrates to the external world shrinks, and the supply of titanium concentrates is tight or sustained. The supply of titanium ore is imported. It is also tense that the price of titanium concentrate in Panxi has been boosted by external factors.

The current titanium dioxide market is characterized by the enthusiasm of the market's buying goods. The situation in the market is that some dealers do not get the goods. If there is no access to the current round, the next round is a higher price, chasing the market phenomenon. Full explanation of the current market sentiment. Under speculation, the titanium dioxide market is expected to enter the rising mode quickly.

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