Precautions and maintenance methods for using refrigerated trucks

As one of the more special vehicles, refrigerated trucks must pay attention to some matters before they can drive, which can prevent some unnecessary troubles during driving. How to maintain a refrigerated truck? This is also a knowledge. Interested friends come to learn about it.


First, when using a refrigerated truck, check whether the fuel diesel or gasoline supply is sufficient to ensure that the engine can run to the next checkpoint. The engine oil level of the refrigerated truck is supplied at the marked place. Do not overfill with oil. This is best replaced once a year. Long-term use will reduce the use time. Check the coolant level gauge for the coolant in the refrigerated truck to see if the amount of coolant is correct. Here the correct pointer is in the white range. If you find that the coolant level is not in the white range, you need to add coolant to the coolant tank. Coolant is usually a mixture of ethylene glycol and water, where we need to use the appropriate ratio according to the actual situation of the product's use, while providing protection to zero thirty-four degrees does not freeze. It should be noted that when the coolant is found to be hot, the lid of the coolant tank must not be opened.

The battery terminal of a refrigerated truck must be strong and non-corrosive, and the electrolyte must be at the full mark. This is the safest way. When opening a refrigerated truck, adjust the belt to a proper degree of tightness and take it seriously. Electrical inspections need to check all the electrical connections in the control circuit. Make sure they are fixed. Next, the structure visually inspects the unit for damages such as leaks, loose parts, and fractures. When installing the gasket unit, the gasket should be tight. There is a need to see if the coil condensers and evaporator coils are clean. Check the defrosting drain hoses and fittings to see if they are open. When loading cargo into the car, the goods cannot block the outlet and return of the evaporator because the cold air circulation needs to be maintained in the cargo compartment.

The above are the precautions and maintenance methods for using refrigerated trucks. Effective maintenance and maintenance methods can not only ensure the quality of the equipment, but also reduce the cost.

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