What are the advantages of Hefei license plate recognition?

Completely resolve the "card management", the phenomenon of fees paid by personnel;

Completely free the fee-collecting personnel from the work of issuing cards manually, and only need to collect the money—even with the issuing card issuing machine, it often requires someone to help pass a “temporary card” between the “entrance card issuing machine” and the “temporary car”. It often deviates from the "initial purpose of saving human resources." Because the parking distance of temporary vehicles is often far away from the card issuing machine, this is a normal reflection of people's subconsciousness that they are afraid to hit the card issuing machine and barriers;

2) When the “card management” is completely solved, some temporary vehicles will mix out the parking lot and the management will lose the temporary card and parking fees;

3) Completely solve the situation where a certain fixed vehicle maliciously removes a temporary card when entering the venue, resulting in the continuous loss of the temporary card;

4) Completely solve the problem that the capacity of the card issuing machine at the entrance is limited;

5) Other issues originating from the card...

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