The main components of a multi-level copper row contact line and some auxiliary components

(A) The main components and their working principle

The power trolley device consists of two main components of the conduit and the power receiver and some auxiliary components.

1. Catheter: It is a semi-closed tubular tubular component that is the main part of the trolley line. Its internal can be embedded according to the need for high 3-16 body rail as a power supply wire, each rail insulated from each other, thus ensuring the safety of power supply. And in the maintenance of electricity to effectively prevent maintenance personnel electric shock accident. The length of each pipe produced by the factory is 4m, which can be connected to any length required. Ordinary pipe can be made into a straight line, or it can be made into a circular arc shape according to special requirements.

2. The receiving device is a group of brush housings running in the conduit. It is driven by a shifting fork (or traction chain, etc.) placed on the electricity-using mechanism (traffic, trolley, electric hoist, etc.), and it is connected with the electricity-consuming mechanism. Synchronous operation, through the guide rail, brush power to the motor or other control components. The number of poles of the power acceptor brush has 3-16 poles corresponding to the number of guide rail poles.

(B) Product Features

1. Safety: The housing of the power trolley is made of high-insulation engineering plastic. Enclosure protection grades can be up to IP13, IP55, as required to protect against rain, snow and freezing attacks and hanging objects. The product is subjected to a variety of environmental conditions. Good insulation performance, no harm to the maintenance personnel touching the outside of the power transmission conduit.

2. Reliable: The power transmission rail has excellent heat conductivity, high heat dissipation, high current density, low impedance, and low line loss. The brush is made of metal graphite material with high electrical conductivity and high wear resistance. The loader moves flexibly with good directional performance and effectively controls the contact arc and string arc phenomenon.

3. Economy: The structure of the power supply trolley line device is simple, and a copper row with high current density, low resistivity, and low voltage loss is used as the conductive body. It can save about 6% electricity, realize the plastic substitution of steel, plastic generation of copper, novel design, no other insulation structure, no compensation line, installed on the same side of the control room of the crane, saving installation materials and expenses, its comprehensive cost and steel The slide lines are roughly the same.

4. Convenient: The power-slip contact device integrates the multi-level busbars in a single duct, and the assembly is semi-simple. Its fixed brackets, connecting clips and suspension devices are all supplied with common parts. It is also very convenient for assembly and disassembly, adjustment and maintenance.

(C) Uses:

Power supply trolley wire device can be used for electric hoists, electric beam type and bridge cranes; stacker cranes, automatic detection lines for mechanical and electrical products, automated production lines, mobile power tools and other mobile power receiving equipment, as well as factories, mines, workshops, office space Internally laid busway.

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