130 orders! Equipped with Yuchai 6K machine Long H7 Nanning station victory!

On February 27, 2016, the LongH7 Yuchai 6K Machine Launching Conference (Nanning) was held grandly, continuing the hot scene of Yulin Station, and seizing 130 orders from LongH7 Yuchai 6K machine. Modeling the atmospheric fashion by the dragon H7 Yuchai 6K machine perfectly presents the style of high-end heavy truck, and with many advanced technology applications for the user to create an extraordinary driving experience, leading the new wave of domestic heavy truck.

Longyu H7 Yuchai Yuchai 6K Machine
The picture shows the conference site

Atmospheric styling attracts eyeballs

The Dragon H7 Yuchai 6K machine is a brand new masterpiece of Dongfeng Liuzhou Auto's new platform + new power. The appearance of the atmosphere is still fashionable. In the face of an increasingly younger driver group, the Dragon H7 has easily captured the young drivers who arrived with a brand new upgrade image. Today, as truck drivers tend to be younger, a heavy-duty truck that is stylish and outstanding will undoubtedly add more new impetus to their transportation journey.

Longyu H7 Yuchai Yuchai 6K Machine
Yulong H7 equipped with Yuchai 6K460 engine

Inside and outside cultivation shows the style

In addition to the stylish appearance, the scene is more eye-catching, is Yuchai 6K460 engine powered by Long H7, this uses a world-class components, a high-performance engine built according to domestic use of the environment, with a strong power output of 460 horsepower The maximum torque can reach 2200Nm, and the economical speed is wide to 1000-1500. The low speed and high torque brings excellent start acceleration and climbing ability to LongH7.

Matching can be braked within the Bo cylinder, braking power up to 25kW / L, brake efficiency increased by 25%, shorten the vehicle braking distance, while reducing tire and brake pad wear, brake pad life is extended 3-4 times, one year The cost can be reduced to 15,000 yuan. With high-end technologies such as camshaft overhead, roller rocker, and heavy-duty engine, the lowest fuel consumption and rated point fuel consumption are 5-8% lower than the world advanced level.

Intelligent technology interpretation of high-end

Car networking is an indispensable part of the new logistics transportation model. The Long H7 Yuchai 6K machine is equipped with a Long V+ car networking service system, which can provide users with a better operating experience. "Chonglong's V+ car networking service can provide drivers with full operation records and generate detailed analysis, which can greatly enhance the driver's driving skills and avoid the bad habits of the driver." The customers present at the site are on the Long V+ car networking system. Approved.

The "Changlong V+" car networking service system is based on vehicle-mounted intelligent terminals, intelligent service systems and intelligent operation centers. It focuses on the three core issues of "security, efficiency, and cost" that are focused on by users and truly realizes the "Internet Plus" era. Team management. At present, Chenglong V+ car networking service system has already served a large number of well-known domestic logistics companies including Shenghui Logistics.

Extraordinary strength to win trust

From the first stop of the listing conference, the Long H7 Yuchai 6K machine has attracted a lot of attention. At the site of the Nanning listing conference, in order to allow customers to experience the outstanding performance of the Dragon H7, a fun race was held in particular. During the event, customers were able to experience the power, control and comfort of the Dragon H7. The conference launched the on-site purchase of the car and sent the three major gift packages. The car booking session was unusually hot. In just half an hour, 130 sets were ordered. Many truck users stated that they had been expecting this product for a long time, so they immediately ordered a new car.

As a new strategic model, the launch of the Dragon H7 Yuchai 6K machine has not only further improved the product structure of Chenglong Motors, but also injected more vitality into the Longlong Automobile, making the brand image richer and fuller. For heavy-duty users, there is no doubt that there is a new, high-quality car purchase option.

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