The demand for hook-type garbage trucks at the beginning of the new year

The demand for hook-type garbage trucks at the beginning of the new year

Since the beginning of 2016, the hook-type garbage truck manufacturer Hubei Runli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. has received a lot of questions from garbage truck users about hook-type garbage trucks.

According to the main analysis, there are two main uses of the hook-type garbage truck users: The users of the small-sized and micro-hook garbage trucks are mainly sanitation departments such as townships and streets. It is required to clean up the living garbage in communities, townships and streets. The practical use of this type of hook-and-wash garbage truck is to clean the domestic garbage more conventionally.

There is also another type of hook-type garbage truck user who wants to replace the dump truck, dump truck, tipper, and dump truck. Wuhan recently issued a document to strictly control dump truck dump trucks. Some of the main businesses are those who clean up decoration or construction waste, and they begin to buy large-tonnage, large-volume, heavy-duty, hook-arm garbage trucks and use the sanitation and cleaning company’s nameplate to transport construction and decoration waste. It can also be regarded as a new path. Hook-type garbage truck Because it has more than one box, the garbage truck can be sealed, no leakage, and it has advantages compared to dump trucks, so it is highly favored by users in all aspects. Hook arm garbage truck manufacturers welcome the majority of garbage truck users to contact and advice, give you the right solution and suitable models, so that you can use the less expensive to buy a good garbage truck. Please feel free to call the hook arm garbage truck factory consultation!

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