Zhi Zhi - high-end "three" spraying robot

With the concept of China's ZhiZhi 2025, the application of robots is hot to Shenzhou. In the robot series, the painting robot is the best industrial upgrade product to change the health of the personnel, highlighting the high-quality product surface coating quality and key environmental protection features. In Shenzhen, SAR, Kangmingfa Robot's painting robot is changing the traditional spraying industrial production mode, which reduces the dependence of the coating industry on the employment, reduces the coating production cost, and achieves the only way for the spraying robot to achieve sustainable development in the spraying industry. The company’s robots have an immediate effect on the national industrial output, and are widely used in the industrial industries such as home appliance spraying, ceramic bathroom enamel spraying, daily-use metal spraying, steel furniture spraying, and automobile industry, which greatly increase production efficiency.

The combination of "digitalization", "intelligence" and "automation" for production-oriented companies has become a global development direction. Kang Mingfa robots, as representatives of high-end intelligent mechanical equipment manufacturing, are armed with “Made in China” and are a powerful weapon for upgrading the Chinese spraying industry. Shenzhen Kangmingfa Robot Co., Ltd. has accumulated abundant spraying technology and product core technology with independent intellectual property rights. In ceramic glaze robots, first-line operators who have no programming experience can simply hold the robot to use hand-grip teach programming to form trajectory data and achieve the effect of continuously repeating teaching actions on the production line.

For a long time, KAMINFA adhered to the "Quality First, Innovation is More than" corporate philosophy, combined with years of experience in the production of painting equipment, to achieve high quality, high efficiency, energy-saving features in one, launched the KM-A01 spray robot on the modern The impact of the spray coating industry is enormous, not only stimulating a new round of development of the traditional spray industry, but also enhancing the market competitiveness of the modern Chaoyang industry.

Spraying robot technology is a high-tech equipment technology. As the 21st century China's industrial equipment research and development company, Kangmingfa Corporation breaks through the impact of high-tech spraying technology and automatic industrial equipment technology, and stands out in the competition of international industrial robot excellence and refinement technology platform to meet the challenges of the future. Powerful weapons and ideal assistants to promote China's spraying business and create new technological future.

Shenzhen Kangmingfa Robot Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen Songgang Industrial Zone. The company specializes in industrial motion control hardware and software development and industrial robot R&D and manufacturing. The company's products have been widely used in home appliance spraying, daily metal spraying, steel furniture spraying, ceramic bathroom glazing, automotive industry and other manufacturing industries, the company is committed to the robot Spraying production line, spray glaze robot research and development. Leading technology advantages of the spray industry, professional technical research and development team lead the robot automation control field and other aspects.

In order to be more close to the needs of domestic users, our company has developed a KM painting robot equipment that is more suitable for the needs of SMEs. The painting robot has many advantages: the quality of the paint film is good, the coating is smooth and delicate, the adhesion is good, and the coating has a long life. The paint has a high utilization rate and is easily sprayed to the corners and voids. You can also drag and drop teach-in programming by hand, which greatly shortens the on-site commissioning time. The utilization rate of the painting robot can reach 90-95. Under the premise of ensuring its function and stability, we have made the operating habits of faster speed, shorter delivery time, lower cost and more suitable for domestic users, and at the same time greatly reduced the cost of your future maintenance.


AWS E6010 Welding Electrodes It shows a very good performance in welding of all positions, especially vertical down welding.  is a high cellulose sodium type carbon steel  welding electrode for vertical down welding. The welding performances are excellent: dep penetration , fewer slag, slag easy to remove, high welding efficiency and good weld shape etc. The electrode forms double sides by one side welding.


AWS E6010 Welding Rod is suitable for welding root passes, hot passes, filler and cover passes as well as for capping of general pipes and similar structures.  

Product details:

Diameter:   2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm

Length: 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm

Operating Current: AC and DC

Welding Current Range:60-160A


2.5mm*300mm  2.5kgs/inner box, 8inner boxes/carton=20kgs       

3.2mm*350mm  5.0kgs/inner box, 4inner boxes/carton=20kgs         

4.0mm*400mm   5.0kgs/inner box, 4inner boxes/carton=20kgs   

5.0mm*400mm  5.0kgs/inner box, 4inner boxes/carton=20kgs


1. AWS E6010  Carbon Steel Welding Electrodes, Generally, welding electrodes do not need bake before welding.

2. If damped, the Aws E6010 Welding Electrodes should be baked for 0.5-1 hour at the temperature of 70-80℃ before welding.

AWS E6010 Welding Electrodes

Aws E6010 Welding Electrodes,Low Hydrogen Welding Electrode,E6010 Welding Electrode,6010 Welding Rod

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