Tiankang shares several ways of constructing bimetal thermometers

The temperature
sensing element of a bimetal thermometer consists of two layers of metal sheets with relatively large differences in the coefficient of linear expansion, which are welded together. One end of the element is fixed and the other end is a free end. When the temperature changes, due to the different materials of the bimetal, the linear expansion coefficient varies greatly, and different expansion and contraction will occur, resulting in bending deformation of the bimetal, and the free end drive mechanism will drive the pointer. The temperature is indicated on the dial.
The bimetal thermometer can be divided into the following categories according to the connection direction of the pointer disk and the protection tube:
1. Axial type bimetal thermometer with vertical connection between the pointer plate and protection tube;
2. Radial type bimetal thermometer, the indicator disk and protection tube are connected in parallel;
3, 135 ° to double metal thermometer, pointer disk and protection tube into 135 ° connection;
4, universal type double metal thermometer, pointer plate and protective tube can be adjusted at any angle.
5, bimetal thermometer installation form: usually threaded, flanged, no fixed devices.
The bimetal thermometer has two types of temperature-sensing elements: plane spiral and linear spiral. Temperature range: -80 ~ 600 °C, accuracy level is about 1.5.
Bimetal thermometers have good shock resistance, small size, fast response, good linearity, and high stability. Some products can also work at high temperatures.
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