Sino-German cooperation design Hummer 318 and 320 single drum roller

The Hummer 318 and 320 road rollers produced by Wirtgen's new Langfang factory in China have been successfully launched in the Chinese market last year and have been well received by industry customers.


The 18-ton Model 318 and the 20-ton Model 320 are equipped with a 153 kW engine. The extremely high compaction rate and compaction width of 2,200 mm reflect their superior performance.

The competitive price, low fuel consumption and low maintenance costs have greatly benefited the contractor.

The 318 and 320 new Hummer single drum rollers are versatile and suitable for earthwork in different types of soil. The equipped light wheel can be easily converted into a bump wheel.


Sino-German cooperation, Langfang production

The 318 and 320 single drum compactors are products developed by the engineering experts team in China and Germany for the Chinese market.

The compact design, unique visual concept and excellent compaction performance fully combine the typical characteristics of the Hummer brand and create the demand for the Chinese market.

These two single drum rollers are trusted by our customers for their advanced technology, high compaction speed and excellent compaction quality.

They combine German quality standards with China's cost consciousness and have a very high price/performance ratio.

User-friendly bridge to improve production efficiency

In order to improve comfort and safety, the bridge is equipped with a practical ergonomically designed seat, so the operator can have an excellent all-round view of the machine, especially the rear of the machine, the tires and the surrounding environment, greatly improving construction safety. Sex.


The spacious bridge has plenty of legroom and the seat and steering wheel can be adjusted individually.

The folding awning protects the hand from the sun and rain.

The optional cab and air conditioning further enhance driving comfort.

The simple control panel features a clear display and intuitive international symbols. Engine speed and travel speed displays as well as compaction meters are also available as an option.

Reliable engine and unique cooling system

In order to improve compaction performance, both models are equipped with a reliable and efficient Dongfeng Cummins 6BT AA 5.9 engine.

This new generation of engines with leading-edge technology is rated at 153 kW and has low fuel consumption. The nationwide engine service network provides customers with timely and convenient service.

The Hummer 318 and 320 single drum rollers feature an innovative cooling system that draws in air from the highest point of the hood to optimize air supply, increase aggregate life and reduce noise emissions.


Powerful drive system

The innovative automatic adjustment center pivot assembly uses a three-point hinge mechanism instead of a four-point hinge mechanism to provide superior drive and steering performance.

Hummer's unique three-point hinge mechanism center steering unit gives the two rollers unparalleled directional stability and driving comfort.

Even with the full steering mode, the chassis structure distributes weight evenly to the drum and tire, and ensures vibration shocks even on rough terrain. Absolutely avoid rolling the machine when driving along corners.

The powerful drive system for the Hummer 318 and 320 single drum rollers is derived from the original Rexroth hydraulic system with standard manual traction distribution.

The drive system guarantees excellent gradeability through a self-locking differential, with a climbing capability of up to 50% on soft soil.

Easy maintenance

The easy access of the engine from all directions is also a highlight of the two new road rollers. All service points are located on the side of the machine, allowing maintenance personnel to easily and quickly maintain the equipment.

The bee-waist shell can be turned upside down and no higher than the cab, so maintenance can be carried out even in low-space or low-ceiling workshops.

The machine's backup lights provide illumination throughout the engine range, allowing the engine to be inspected even under poor lighting conditions.

Maintenance personnel can easily and quickly visually inspect the radiator, dipstick and coolant level.

The air filter can be replaced manually and the separate oil filter can be easily replaced.

Choose from a variety of steel wheels for a wider range of construction applications

The 318 and 320 earth-moving rollers produced by the new Wirtgen China plant are equipped with standard light wheels.

The optional bump wheel package can expand the scope of the machine: the package consists of three parts. With the bump wheel package, the light wheel roller can be economically converted into a bump wheel roller and can compact the clay or wet soil.

Positive customer feedback

The seat, steering lever and steering wheel are independently adjustable, allowing the operator to easily and comfortably drive the two single drum rollers.

The design of the hood is a great addition to the service engineer because it opens completely and provides plenty of room for access to the maintenance point. And these maintenance points are on the side of the machine, avoiding common mistakes.

Customers are also very satisfied with the low fuel consumption and spare parts costs. For example, only 50 litres of hydraulic oil need to be replaced each year.

All of this stems from the idea of ​​Wirtgen China – Sino-German cooperation design, using local spare parts.

This concept not only ensures that the machine meets the needs of the Chinese market, but also provides customers with products of superior quality and top performance with fast, reliable support and spare parts service.

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