Dehao Runda "optimistic" agricultural light source UVLED and NVC lighting

With the development of the LED industry, the cost performance of products has been continuously improved, and LEDs have gradually penetrated into other professional fields from display and lighting. Dehao Runda is deeply rooted in the market segment and is eager to take out the new blue ocean of LED. Agricultural light source potential market huge agricultural formula semiconductor light source based on light formula is considered to be the most promising artificial light source in modern agriculture in the 21st century, and the application of LED plant growth lamp is particularly wide. Mercury lamps and energy-saving lamps cover 380-800 nm, while the spectrum is only 400-500 nm blue. 610-720 nm red light can promote crop photosynthesis and adjust plant growth cycle. Therefore, most of the traditional light is wasted, and the LED light source has a narrower spectral efficiency than the traditional light source. The plant growth lamp can greatly reduce energy consumption and low carbon environmental protection. At the end of 2014, Dehao Runda has developed LED packaging products for plant lighting, which are available in a variety of spectral combinations. At present, 0.2W and 1W in 2835 discrete package have entered mass production, providing blue light 440-480nm and orange red light 610-660-730nm. For customers to choose freely to correspond to growing crops. UVLED market potential Large UV light is widely used in sterilization, printing, curing, medical and other fields; traditional UV fluorescent lamps have large volume and output light intensity per unit area. Compared with the lower UV LED, it has small size, firmness, energy saving and long life. Mercury-free environmental protection and other advantages are gradually infiltrating into the traditional application of mercury lamps. Dehao Runda high-power UVLED products can now provide 365-395-405nm UV band for different applications, and adopt UV-resistant ceramic substrate, with freely matching quartz lens, with low thermal resistance of 4.5 °C / W, and Specific secondary light distribution characteristics, currently available in 60, 120 two kinds of light scheduling, 1-3W power specifications. Compared with the traditional LAMP and TOP packages, the photothermal structure is not easy to deteriorate and has a long life. Currently used in UV curing, printing, medical, beauty nails and other fields. According to the Xiaoke of the OFwee Semiconductor Lighting Network, Dehao Runda has suspended the planning of major issues since June 3, and has not resumed trading. Previously, Dehao Runda was on the investment interactive platform. Wang Donglei said that the integration of Dehao Runda and NVC Lighting is still in the promotion. In the future O2O platform, the two companies will play their respective functions more!

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Lifan's Vehicle Products Include Passenger Cars, Microvans, Dirt Bike Engines, Entry-Level Motorcycles, Mini-Vehicles, And Commercial Trucks.The Company's Non-Vehicle-Related Activities Include The Manufacture Of Sports Shoes And Winemaking. Outside Of China, Lifan Is Currently Best Known For The Sale Of Small Passenger Cars In Emerging Markets.

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