Land Rover Aurora is full of amazing

The Land Rover Range Rover Aurora built with the concept car LRX can be said to be the most eye-catching model of Land Rover in recent years. The family-based SUV gene is full of elements of the COUPE model, breaking through the rules and regulations of Land Rover and creating an unparalleled Dynamic image.

Land Rover Aurora presents itself with dynamic and exaggerated proportions of the world and challenges people’s inherent aesthetics. This reflects the meticulousness and maturity of the design team in the entire design process. Seen this Luoyang Tianli Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. this Land Rover Aurora [import] 2011 2.0T tiptronic four-wheel drive version of the car, it has deeply conquered me.

Used Land Rover Aurora detailed parameters please see the table below

The Land Rover Aurora exterior design presents itself to the world in a dynamic and exaggerated form factor, challenging people’s inherent aesthetics. This also reflects the meticulousness and maturity of the design team in the design process. The proportion of Aurora cars is very exaggerated and the waist line is extremely high.

Sitting in the car, you do not feel the slightest room for depression. The same Aurora car body is not very wide, but the slightly smaller size of the seat is extremely seated. In addition, the steering wheel with a good grip makes you have the desire to drive and the feeling of a sports car is ready.

Power: Land Rover Aurora conquers the driver with good handling: The 2.0-liter direct-injection turbocharged engine it carries has considerable energy and contributes to carbon emissions. The engine's brief warm-up in the low-speed range is accompanied by the intervention of the turbine, and the speed is kept at 3000 rev/min or more. The aurora dexterous body has a good sense of acceleration, and the COUPE sports car charm is even more prominent.

Aurora can be called the leader in all-terrain, cross-border SUVs because it balances sportiness and off-roadability. Of course, if you are a fashionista, it is right for you, because its cutting-edge design and design philosophy is enough .

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