Take the bomb to take the car and bump to lead the P2P car rental service

In early July , bumpy car rental , the largest P2P car rental company in East China, officially announced service upgrades and launched a 24- hour citywide free-to-cart business in six major cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen . This is the first opening of the project. The service P2P rental platform has led the new benchmark for industry services.

It is understood that this bump car rental service platform covering all models, as long as the order one day in advance, you can choose a 24-hour city-wide free to take the car business, the bump rental car will replace the housekeeper went to the agreed place tenants Pick up the car and send the car to the tenant. After the vehicle is used, the tenant can return the car to the car steward and return the car to the owner.

A few days ago, bumpy car rental once again challenged the service limit, and its car steward will be transformed into a real- life “bombonger” carrying a “time bomb” to get the car for the user’s life. After the “Bombardier” brings the car to the designated place of the tenant within the specified time, the tenant can choose to “dismantle” or “detonate” according to his/her degree of desperation. After the success of “discash”, he will receive a red envelope. The tenant will share the red envelope to the WeChat circle of friends and can get up to 250 yuan for the rental car. The housekeeper car from the bump on the play "Fast and Furious", I believe that will let users get more ultimate service experience.

Judging from the current four major P2P car rental platforms: PP Car Hire, bumpy Car Hire, Pocar Hi-Car, and Youyou Hire Car Refund Service, your friend Car Rental is still in the process of reserving the car in the limited time zone of the managed car. limit time only for the region hosting the vehicle to take the car service has stopped, but Bao drive car has not yet introduced such services, we are currently able to do 24-hour city free of charge to the car rental only a bump.

A survey conducted by Xinhuaxin, a well-known investigation agency, on car rental consumer behavior shows that among the respondents who have had a car rental experience but are not satisfied with the car rental experience, the inconvenience of returning the car ( 34.9% ) is the main cause of unsatisfactory experience. According to a recent media interview, Bumpy Car Rental CEO Chen Weiyu stated that bumpy shared car rental is the pain point for direct users in the industry’s first 24- hour free-to-air car recall service. They will strive to achieve the ultimate in this service and to further develop the service. More derivative services to facilitate users, so that more people experience high-quality car rental services.

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