Coal Water Slurry Particle Size Distribution Control - Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Coal water slurry, as a clean, oil-replaceable fuel, has the advantages of high concentration, fine particle size, good fluidity, and high combustion rate. Has been widely used in industrial boilers and industrial furnaces. The particle size distribution of coal-water slurry is related to the viscosity of the coal-water slurry, and it also directly affects the rheology, stability and atomization combustion characteristics of water and coal slurry.

The particle size distribution of coal-water slurry determines the coal-powder accumulation efficiency, and has a major influence on the maximum pulping concentration and the rheological properties of the coal-water slurry. Different coal types and additive formulations must use different particle sizes. Grasp the size distribution of coal-water slurry is one of the key technologies for preparing coal-water slurry. The size distribution of the coal water slurry is relatively wide, with an upper limit of up to 500 μm and a lower limit lower than that of the micrometer.

After the dispersant adsorbs to the surface of the coal particles, a thin layer of additive molecules and a hydration film are formed on the surface of the coal particles, which can significantly reduce the surface tension of the solution and improve the wettability of the surface of the coal particles. The function of the coal water slurry stabilizer is to form a spatial structure and produce mechanical resistance to the sedimentation of the particles. It causes the particles in the coal water slurry to crosslink with each other, thereby effectively preventing the sedimentation of the particles and preventing the separation between the solid and the liquid. The particle size of coal in coal-water slurry requires not only the required fineness, but also a good particle size distribution. The coal particles of different sizes can be filled with each other and the gap between coal particles can be reduced as much as possible to achieve a high accumulation efficiency.

As a new type of particle size testing instrument, laser particle size analyzer has been widely used in other powder processing and application fields. Features are fast test speed, good repeatability, good accuracy, and easy operation. The instrument measures particle size distribution based on the physical phenomenon that the particles can scatter laser light. Since the laser has good monochromaticity and strong directionality, the laser will shine infinity in an infinite space without hindrance. Place, and there are few divergent phenomena in the spread process.

Winner2008 laser particle size analyzer is a special product developed and produced by Jinan Micron Particle Instrument Co., Ltd. for the field of coal water slurry. It adopts a dual-beam multispectral detection system and lateral light scattering test technology, which greatly improves the accuracy of the instrument and Performance represents the advanced level in the field in China. Since the instrument was successfully developed, it has been selected for a number of coal-water slurry particle size testing and scientific research units, and has been widely praised, resulting in good social and economic benefits. WINNER2008 laser particle size analyzer will certainly make greater contribution to the development of coal water slurry industry.

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