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Modification of the internal grinding of the country into a honing machine to pick up the special machine mouth Du Rong Nian produced in our factory is the key part of the R535A spinning machine, but also wearing parts, large batch size, surface roughness requirements. The lateral moving table moves back and forth on a set of rectangular dovetail rails. It is mainly realized by a set of hydraulic devices. The newly designed main motion system can realize the spindle rotation and the lateral movement of the spindle. The original M2120 grinding machine can realize the grinding head rotation. The horizontal feed motion of the wheel frame and the longitudinal reciprocating motion of the table. Depending on the angle, when grinding, the master and the workpiece are fixed on the same main shaft, and a roller on the bracket abuts against the cam. When the radius of the cam varies, the lateral shift table must be moved forward or backward. When moving, the grinding head only rotates, always touches the workpiece at the same position, performs grinding processing, and fixes the grinding tool and the grinding wheel frame on the worktable, and the grinding tool performs the lateral feeding motion. The worktable reciprocates back and forth to drive the grinding wheel on the grinding wheel frame to grind the workpiece back and forth. The basic movement of the machine tool is: spindle rotation motion, spindle vertical movement, grinding head rotation movement, table longitudinal reciprocating motion and wheel frame lateral feed movement.

The structure and the realization of each movement remove the part of the M2120 internal grinding machine head box. The newly designed main motion system is fixed in the original bed box position. The rest of the MZ120 grinding machine has the same structure and its hydraulic system remains unchanged. The rotary motion of the spindle of the whole machine is realized by a set of speed reduction mechanism. The spindle adopts stepless speed regulation, which is realized by the stepless speed regulation motor passing through the pulley to the worm and the worm wheel. According to the relevant data, the optimal speed of the grinding cam is about 14r/min. In order to select this optimal grinding speed, stepless speed regulation is selected. There are three main ways to obtain stepless adjustment: mechanical stepless speed regulation, hydraulic stepless speed regulation, electric stepless speed change, including DC motor, AC frequency modulation motor and pulse stepper motor and servo motor. Due to the large step difference of the mechanical stepless speed regulation, it is not suitable for this system. Hydraulic stepless speed regulation needs to design a hydraulic system to adjust the speed, the speed difference is small, but it takes a lot of money. For this reason, I decided to use the stepless speed regulating motor for speed regulation. In the process of grinding the cam, since the radius often changes, the torque also changes, so it is decided to adopt a small-slip motor with constant power and variable torque. This motor speed regulation is completed by the electromagnetic slip clutch, and the speed adjustment range is wide. The motor is transmitted to the worm and worm gear via the pulley. The worm and worm wheel adopt double lead. The main features of the worm gear teeth are different on the two sides. The corresponding left and right tooth surface modes are also different. There is a difference, so the worm tooth thickness is no longer a fixed value, but is formed along the tooth teeth. Gradient tooth thickness, so it can be moved axially to adjust the worm auxiliary side clearance, and prolong the service life of the worm pair. The spindle bearing adopts high-precision tapered roller bearing and thrust bearing, Mi Qianjun as the boring head workpiece, and the rear part is fixed. In the mold, the roller is fixed on the bracket. In order to make the theoretical profile of the ground cam conform to the drawing, the diameter of the roller and the diameter of the grinding wheel must be the same as the diameter of the roller of the cam follower. The realization of the lateral movement of the spindle is fixed at the rear of the headboard with a single plunger cylinder. When the plunger moves back and forth, the bedhead moves back and forth. The hydraulic principle diagram is as follows: when the cam returns (the grinding wheel is The front of the workpiece is in contact with the workpiece.) The headstock is moved forward, the oil pump is supplied with oil, the check valve is opened, the cylinder overcomes the friction generated by the weight of the headstock, and the headstock moves forward and overflows. The valve acts as a protective force and its pressure is used to overcome the forces generated during grinding and to bring the roller into close contact with the master.

Therefore, according to the weight and friction of the headboard, the dimensions of the various cylinders can be calculated. When the cam is lifted, the bracket roller pushes the cam to return the cylinder, the grinding force also causes the return stroke, the check valve is closed, and the sequence valve is opened. Therefore, the sum of the thrust of the roller bracket and the force generated by the grinding must be greater than or equal to the sum of the friction generated by the weight of the headstock and the set pressure of the sequence valve. The set pressure of the sequence valve is slightly less than the pressure of the relief valve, so as to ensure that the cylinder has a certain thrust, but the pressure must be debugged in practice to achieve the best results.


VLF1530GA Enclosed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 

Safety and No Pollution

With German Atlanta rack,

Japanese Yaskawa motor

German Neugart reducer.

With a fully enclosed design;

The observation window adopts an European CE Standard laser protective glass;

The smoke produced by cutting can be filtrated inside, it's non-polluting and environmentally friendly;

The weight of machine is 7500kg.

fiber laser cutting with cover

Whole Cover Laser Cutting Machine

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