Weifang will build the world's largest commercial wheel end product base

November 6, 2013, the world's largest commercial vehicle wheel end product production base in Weifang, Shandong signing ceremony was held. It is understood that the world’s largest commercial wheel end product base is another important base for cooperation between the United States and the Shandong Haoxin Group Co., Ltd. based on the original joint venture company - Weifang Haoxin Kangmai Parts Co., Ltd. The base is located in Changyi City and is constructed in phases with a registered capital of US$30 million and an initial investment of US$90 million. After an operation, mainly produces commercial vehicle wheels, brake drums, the annual turnover of up to $ 35 million, profits of $ 5 million.

Cnc Bending is a process where sheet metal is bent to an angle using, typically a V shaped punch and die. The sheet is placed between the punch and die which presses down on the sheet. This method of bending provides a low cost method to product 3D shapes from 2D sheets. CNC Bending is a suitable for processing most ductile metals and primarily for sheet metal designs with one or more bends. Just a few examples of are brackets, enclosures, cams, chassis, etc. There is generally no special tooling required, with the exception of intricate designs and special bends.

CNC Bending

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