Philips Lighting Equipment

Philips launched a series of new automotive lighting products at the 2013 Shanghai International Auto Parts, Maintenance Inspection and Diagnostic Equipment and Service Supplies Exhibition, and held the launching ceremony of the Philips 100th Anniversary Celebration to celebrate the 100-year innovation.
According to reports, currently, one out of every three cars in the world uses Philips automotive lighting products. For more than 100 years, Philips Automotive Lighting has demonstrated many innovative technologies to the world, pioneering the introduction of halogen and xenon lamps, and leading the development of LED and OLED technologies. Through the platform of the exhibition, Philips Automotive Lighting also introduced a number of new technologies and products to the Asian market, such as driving recorders, color headlights, LED fog lamps, car air purifiers, etc. These products will be in 2014. Into the Chinese market.

Slitting Line is the most important machine before forming.

Hangzhou Yibo Machinery Co.,Ltd, founded in 2003 is an professional machinery manufacturer for design, produce, service and trade.

Yibo's main products are Cold Roll Forming Machine, such as purlin Forming Machine , guardrail forming machine, roof panel forming machine, wall panel forming machine, tile forming machine, floor Deck Forming Machine, Roof Seaming Machine and so on; steel coil process machinery such as slitting line, Cut to Length Line, combined line and so on; accessory Stamping Parts such as roof supporting clips, connect bar, water bar and so on.

Slitting Line

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