The demand for high-purity ultra-fine powder crushing equipment will increase

When we researched and developed the traditional Chinese medicine crusher, we not only paid attention to technological breakthroughs, but also made systematic improvements to other aspects, resulting in a significant increase in the overall strength of the equipment. We always start with the actual needs of users of Chinese medicine, combined with advanced technology at home and abroad, research and development, to ensure that the production of each type of traditional Chinese medicine crusher equipment has a place to help users solve all problems and become the most effective helper.

Crushing machinery among the world's forests

In recent years, with the continuous development of the trend of traditional Chinese medicine fever, the crusher industry has more room for development. Some people in the industry have stated that although there are still opportunities for development, the crusher must improve its comprehensive ability to resist risks in order to achieve better results. development of.

The pulverizer enterprises must adjust and optimize the product structure in a timely manner, strengthen specialty products, and avoid homogenous competition. At the same time, it should also be transformed into a service-oriented enterprise, closely surrounding the technical requirements of downstream users and providing users with technology and product services. At the same time, efforts should be made to reform the mechanism of its own mechanism, tap potentials in terms of product quality and costs, and further strengthen process management, cost management, and product market development. In addition, products have core technologies to be competitive. Therefore, strong technological innovation is still the industry's permanent topic.

Therefore, the crusher industry must implement quality control in all aspects in accordance with international requirements, fundamentally improve product quality, and improve the company's international competitiveness. In the process of stable development, we constantly explore the secrets of development and open new fields continuously. In the international market, we must open up the door of development before we can continue to progress in order to become one of the world's development centers.

Smash mechanical equipment development direction

The overall development trend of non-metallic mineral raw materials or materials in the future is high purity, ultra-fine and functional. High-purity ultra-fine non-metallic mineral processing raw materials as a leader, the comprehensive development and utilization of a variety of non-metallic minerals. Although high-purity ultrafine powders can be prepared by chemical synthesis, the cost is too high to be used for industrial production. The main method for obtaining ultrafine powders is still the mechanical crushing method. The difficulty in superfine grinding and grading techniques that rely on mechanical methods to obtain ultrafine powders is increasing, and the research depth is never-ending. Ultra-fine grinding technology is a comprehensive technology in many aspects, and its development also depends on the progress of related technologies, such as the processing of high-hardness and high-tensile wear-resistant components, high-speed bearings, and the measurement of submicron-sized particle size distribution. Therefore, the development of ultrafine grinding technology should focus on the following aspects.

(1) Develop fine grading equipment and other ancillary equipment that are compatible with ultrafine grinding equipment. The closed circuit technology combined with ultra-fine grinding and grading equipment can increase production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and ensure the quality of qualified products. It can be said that large-capacity, high-precision grading equipment is the key to the development of ultrafine grinding technology. More research and development should be carried out from the point of view of the entire process system. On the basis of existing smashing equipment, other auxiliary process equipment such as grading equipment and product conveying equipment should be improved and matched.

(2) Improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and continuously improve and improve ultrafine grinding equipment. The key to ultra-fine crushing technology is the equipment. Therefore, it is first necessary to develop a new type of ultra-fine crushing equipment and its corresponding classification equipment. The latter seems to be more urgent. Grinding aids and surface-active dispersants will be used in ultra-fine grinding processes.

(3) Integration of equipment and process research and development. The ultra-fine crushing and grading equipment must be adapted to specific material characteristics and product specifications, and the specifications and models are diversified. There is no super-fine crushing and grading equipment that is efficient and universal for any material.

(4) Develop multi-functional ultra-fine grinding and surface modification equipment. The combination of ultra-fine pulverization and drying processes, ultra-fine pulverization and surface modification, mechanical mechanochemical principle and ultra-fine pulverization technology can expand the application range of ultrafine pulverization technology. With surface coating and solid miscibility, new materials with unique properties can be prepared.

(5) Development research and particle size detection and control technology related to ultra-fine grinding technology. Superfine grinding particle size detection and control technology is one of the important conditions for the continuous production of ultra-fine powder industrialization. Particle size testing instruments and measurement control technology are closely related to ultra-fine grinding technology and must be tackled with experts in these fields.

The ultra-fine pulverization advances toward the nanometer level, and the dispersion and evaluation of low-pollution, wear-resistant materials and nanometer-sized powders associated with this will become a huge technical obstacle, and research in this area will receive attention.

Modern engineering technology will require more and more high-purity ultra-fine powders, and ultra-fine grinding technology will play an increasingly important role in the research and development of high-tech. High-tech industries are closely related to non-metallic minerals. In the future development of non-metallic minerals deep processing technology and industrial development, we must consider the development of high-tech and its industries; modern non-metallic deep-processing technologies and traditional industrial processing technologies penetrate each other, and their development must Consider the technological transformation and progress of traditional industries; in order to better apply the limited non-metallic mineral resources, we must consider its comprehensive utilization.

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