Interview with Changji Automobile Vice President Lin Jinwen

Interview with Changji Automobile Vice President Lin Jinwen In the golden autumn of 2013, we were fortunate to visit Mr. Lin Jinwen, the vice president of the long-term group automobile. Before joining Longtime Automotive in May 2010, Lin served in Changan Ford, Beijing Benz, and FAW Audi. When talking about how to choose to join in the long term, Lin said: "The reason why I decided to join for a long time depends to a large extent on the two investors of the group, President Bo and General Li. Both of them have extremely strong personality charm in the industry. Their reputation is very good, and they can learn a lot from working with them. In addition, the platform of the long-distance group car plate more clearly clarifies the development of my personal career. Therefore, I cherish it. Finally, the long-term internal structure is clear and transparent. The team's efforts are mainly high-level auto executives are 30-40 years old professional managers, the overall management tends to be young, it is this team and corporate culture that deeply attracted me

Data show that in 2012, China's automobile production and sales totaled 19,271,800 and 19,306,400 units, an increase of 4.63% and 4.33% year-on-year. In the second half of 2012, some policies that stimulated automobile consumption, such as subsidies for energy-saving vehicles, automobile to the countryside, trade-in replacement, and subsidy for new energy vehicles, have been strengthened to ensure that the sales growth rate of automobiles continues to increase, but overall efforts are still not as expected. . So, where are the opportunities and challenges for the automotive market in 2013 and beyond? What prospects will be presented?

Regarding the status quo and future development of the entire automotive service industry, Lin shared his views with us:

1. There is still much room for development in the Chinese auto market. In China, private cars have less than 100 vehicles per 1,000 people, and the proportion of first-time car buyers has reached 70%, but the number of people in foreign markets has reached 300-600 units, and the Chinese auto market will continue to grow steadily for 8-10 years.

2. The market structure will change. First, the first and second tier cities are still the main battlefields, but as the number of restricted cities continues to increase, the first and second tier cities may gradually level off or even decline in the future market. However, the proportion of first-time buyers in third-tier and fourth-tier cities is still as high as 80%-90. %, The demand for private cars by customers is very large and it belongs to rigid demand. Therefore, the future market growth of third- and fourth-tier cities will be very objective. Secondly, the current market share of luxury cars is 8.2%. In the next 5-8 years, the proportion of luxury cars will show a rapid growth trend, which may reach 15%. At present, the large base of end-user groups means displacement. The demand for quantity has increased. At the same time, the trend of expansion of many luxury brand manufacturers in China has led to the reduction of luxury car prices. Various factors have led to an increase in sales of luxury and used cars. Compared to European and American countries, the Chinese automobile market is mainly concentrated in the circulation area. Take the used car market as an example. In the United States, the consumption of used cars is three times that of new cars. In China, the volume of used cars is much lower than the volume of new cars. It is believed that in the future, the used car market will receive more and more attention, its growth will be no less than new cars, and it is even expected to surpass new cars.

3. The living space of small and medium-sized distributors has gradually decreased. Based on the status quo of the auto industry, the next 2-3 years will be the stage of joint game between dealers. The advantages of rapid expansion of auto companies will be clearly visible, which will reduce the cost of circulation and improve the coverage of sales network, but the financial pressure will nevertheless Can not be ignored, transitional competition will inevitably lead to the survival of the fittest, the result is to promote a new round of integration of dealers. At the same time, in order to increase the ability to dialogue with manufacturers and enhance their competitiveness, dealers will in the future produce strategic integration between manufacturers and distributors, forming a strong strategic alliance.

Under the severe market environment, Lin believes that Changjiu Automobile can develop steadily:

Changjiu Automobile has been focusing on the automotive industry since 1998 and has precise understanding of the industry and trends. It has an industry advantage. Changjiu Automobile has now ranked among the top ten domestic auto dealer groups and it has created its own industry. status;

Changji Group has four business segments: automotive sales, automotive finance, automotive logistics, and special vehicle conversion. The automotive financial sector ranks first in the country and is responsible for overseeing the financial business of more than 3,000 4S stores. The top three automotive logistics companies in China are strategic partners with many manufacturers and have their own logistics bases; Thirdly, each sector has exerted a strong power, has a strong cash flow, and forms a net-like core competitiveness among all business segments, and can complement each other and increase cooperation.

The long-term automotive business is mainly concentrated in five provinces, such as Guangxi, has been ranked second, long-term development in all parts of the country have become more mainstream trends. The long-term vehicle's influence in each place has obtained its own competitive advantage, and has deep cooperation with local governments and large-scale enterprises. Good influence will inevitably attract talented people to join and gain more partners.

In terms of management team, we have a younger, professional management team, more keenly aware of market trends, and working together to make decisions as early as possible.

Work focus for 2014:

For a long time, Le Touring Club is the most important task for 2014. In order to provide every car owner with the most convenient and practical service, and to open a relaxed, comfortable and noble third living space for car owners, we have created long-time music. At the same time, the club, the national unified customer service power, was also opened, hoping to provide quality service for the majority of owners. Speaking of service, our current Lotto Club, which is being promoted in the Guangxi region, has integrated five highly competitive fist service products: 24-hour roadside assistance, 24 hours of three small jets, insurance butler service, 365-day tour service, and an hour Fast maintenance, providing 24/7 uninterrupted worry-free service for members nationwide.

How to balance the family and the working forest always have a happy and happy family, for the balance between life and work, will become the confusion of many professional managers, Lin always believes that the absolute balance is difficult, but the personal mentality and family The expectation and understanding of the game is very important. Lin, who loves golf, was once a go-kart fanatic. It was a good match for the movement. He also showed the vigor and vitality of the forest.

I believe that the long-term future of the car, is bound to be able to "travel the world, long-term."

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