School Bus: Drivers must have a driving experience of more than 3 years

    The "Regulations on the Management of School Bus Safety" published last year made explicit provisions on the qualifications of school bus drivers, stipulating that drivers of motor vehicles must not be qualified for school bus driving and must not drive a school bus.

While making demands on drivers, the Regulations also require schools and school bus service providers equipped with school buses to designate caretakers to take care of students on the train with the school bus.

School bus driving qualifications should meet the following conditions:

● Obtain a corresponding quasi-driving driver's license and have more than 3 years of driving experience. The age is 25 years old and up to 60 years old;

● No full scores have been recorded in the last 3 consecutive scoring periods;

● No liability records for traffic accidents causing death or serious injuries;

● No driving after drunk driving or drunk driving motor vehicle records, there is no record of severe traffic violations such as overtaking passengers, speeding, etc. in the past one year;

● No criminal record;

● Physical and mental health, no infectious diseases, no epilepsy, mental illness, etc. may have a history of diseases that endanger driving safety, and there are no records of alcohol abuse or drug abuse.

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