When will the LED lighting industry be able to meet the spring?

The industry believes that if the lighting industry does not give birth to such a green new energy source of LED, traditional lighting may enter the era of several giants like the major power industry. However, due to the fourth generation of green energy LEDs, the lighting industry has ushered in a new round of investment peaks, and then ushered in a new round of bankruptcy, the industry is turbulent. Now we are welcoming the opportunity to eliminate incandescent lamps, the national subsidy promotion policy, and the new round of promotion of the use of LED lighting new products in Guangdong. I would like to ask if LED lighting will meet the new spring development opportunities.
In order to implement the 12th Five-Year Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Plan, since the implementation of the Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Pilots Pilot Program in 2009, the state has increased its subsidies for the LED lighting industry. This year, the state has promoted financial subsidies for a total of 8.73 million LED lighting products from 39 companies. In addition, in May 2012, the Guangdong Provincial People's Government proposed to fully popularize LED lighting products in the public lighting sector in the province within three years. Many cities in the Pearl River Delta have successively launched implementation plans, and now they are entering the bidding stage.
At the same time, Guangdong Science and Technology Department and Industrial Bank Guangzhou Branch signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement and special cooperation agreement for LED lighting products promotion in Guangdong Province. According to the agreement, Industrial Bank will provide targeted financing services worth RMB 10 billion to high-quality enterprises in the qualified LED industry chain in the province on the premise of meeting the requirements of the China Banking Regulatory Commission and internal approval requirements.
The state's subsidies for the LED lighting industry will undoubtedly give up in the snow, and credit financing can solve the current financing difficulties. At present, many enterprises in the lighting industry have entered the market to expand and maintain the survival and progress of enterprises, and the shortage of funds and difficulties in opening up the market have plagued LED lighting companies. However, local governments have given the right medicine, financial subsidies and policy guidelines. Will LED lighting companies seize opportunities and stabilize channels to usher in the spring of the lighting industry?
Although the country's local LED lighting subsidies have brought new enthusiasm to the industry, but the state has subsidized new energy to bring a new round of investment, some media have called this LED investment a herd effect, and because of blind follow-up, LED investment has become transparent. Capital. Secondly, large enterprises have obtained state subsidies, crazy liquidity LED projects, and established industrial bases. Their profits have been relying on government subsidies for a long time and have been controversial. For example, Sanan Optoelectronics' profit in the third quarter was 666 million yuan, and the subsidy was as high as 328 million yuan, accounting for nearly half. In addition, Haobo Optoelectronics has been in the process of suspending production due to difficulties in cash flow, and the weather is full of wind and rain. The boss said that it was just a retreat, and the retired employees said that the factory had closed down, and media reports in the moment had caused the industry to shuffle.
Summary: The LED lighting industry is advancing if it does not advance, but despite the current problems in the industry, it is undoubted that the promotion of LED lighting is conducive to energy conservation and emission reduction. Under the encouragement of national policies, enterprises should be based on market demand and enterprise capabilities. Vigorously produce and promote a new generation of green lighting energy.

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Fuel System

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