How does a ball mill grind ore?

Speaking of ball mills, many people who have come into contact with the beneficiation equipment know, but how is the ore grinded in the ball mill? Many people do not know the principle. The following gives you a detailed answer:

The usual ball mill is a steel ball. The inner wall is lined with a barrel of wavy manganese steel armor. Grinding operations are carried out in the barrel of the mill, which contains grinding media. After the grinding medium is brought to a certain height with the rotation of the barrel, it falls due to the weight of the medium. Therefore, the ore contained in the cylinder body is affected by the impact force of the medium; on the other hand, due to the revolution and rotation of the grinding medium in the cylinder body along the axis of the cylinder body, it is generated between the grinding medium and the contact area with the cylinder body. The ore is squeezed and milled to grind the ore.

Due to the friction between the ball of the ball mill and the cylinder, when the cylinder rotates, the ball is lifted and rises to a certain height. Due to the gravity of the ball, the trailing edge falls along a certain track. The steel ball in the area (steel ball is put on) receives two kinds of force: one is the force exerted on the steel ball from the tangential direction when the cylinder rotates; the other is the opposite of the steel ball diameter and the above Forces with opposing forces, which are caused by the sliding of the ball itself down due to its own weight. Therefore, the above two forces will form a pair of couples for any one ball. And because the steel ball is squeezed in the middle of the cylinder and the adjacent steel ball, the force couple will cause the steel balls to have friction resistances of different sizes among each other, so the steel balls of each layer will revolve with the axis of the cylinder body. Exercise (Of course, each layer of the ball does not have a synchronous rate with the barrel, and the revolutions of the balls on each layer are not the same). In the area, the steel ball falls and falls from above, and thus the area of ​​the ore in the barrel undergoes a strong impact crushing action. Due to the impact of falling steel balls, the steel balls in the area produce a very strong and disorderly movement. These include: 1. Strong rolling of the ball above the dotted line; 2. Rapid movement of the ball along the dotted line; 3. Rapid movement of the ball with the mill barrel below the dotted line; 4. Between the layers of steel balls The mutual impact. It can be seen that the area is where the grinding effect is strong. Most of the coarse minerals are ground here.

From the above, it can be seen that the ore is mainly ground in the ball mill barrel by impact force, grinding stripping force and extrusion force.

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