The zoo was questioned as a living dog feeding Tiger Park to claim to be a retired dog.

Zoo was suspected of feeding live dogs to Huyuan Fang said to be caged retired dogs diesel generator | diesel generators price / 2012-04-20

A zoo in Nanjing is suspected of feeding live tigers
The garden party said that there was something wrong with the network transmission. It was actually a captive show for retired dogs and they would not be used to feed them.
Source: @Car Girl: The Hongshan Forest Zoo in Nanjing suspected to feed tigers with live puppies. Some netizens suspected that the dogs used were only stray dogs, and some netizens believed that it was possible to temporarily stop stray dogs by borrowing from the garden of Hongshan.
Reporter Chen Weibin’s verification report Yesterday morning, the appearance of this Weibo led many dog ​​lovers to boycott and protest on the Internet’s practice at the Hongshan Forest Zoo in Nanjing. The call to the zoo was too cruel. In the information provided by the breaking netizen “Car Girl”, there was a video. The photographer stood between two cages. The middle distance was about 5 meters. In the left cage, a tiger was walking around the door. In the opposite cage there are a few dogs barking - they are what netizens call "stray dogs that are about to be used to feed tigers."
The local media who arrived at the scene told this reporter that the puppies were dirty and skinny. They were rarely as lively and lively as other pet dogs. Most of them were lying in the corners or barking several times across the fence. According to informed sources, the reason is that there is insufficient funding for food, and it is difficult to guarantee daily food. However, if it is necessary to serve as a meal for zoo tigers, the zoo’s management staff is required to answer them.
Our reporter telephoned the relevant person in charge of the zoo, and the other party said that in fact, the netizen broke the truth. “Actually, we haven’t had live feeding here.” The person in charge told the reporter that there were still cases where tigers were fed with live chickens, but they had been banned for a long time. The zoo now feeds the tigers with processed chicken racks. And meat.
As for those on the Internet, there are misunderstandings about the stray dogs in the cage. The person in charge said that in fact, these puppies were originally used for animal performances, but since last year animal performances have been stopped by the state, these puppies have nowhere to go, so they can only be kept near the Hushe, “but There is a wall between the two cages, because it is an open area for visitors, so tourists can indeed take pictures of both sides at the same time."
In addition, the reporter asked how to deal with these retiring performance dogs, the other party replied that it needs to be discussed. In response to this, many enthusiastic netizens wrote Weibo and said they hoped they could go to the zoo to negotiate adoption matters and improve the survival status of retired dogs. The netizen “line curve is line” message said, “If the zoo is willing, I can apply to adopt one or two.” Among them Nanjing Ping An Afu stray animal rescue meeting also stated: “Peace Afu is willing to retain these dogs! Go to contact the Red Mountain Zoo! As of the time of the press release, the result has not yet been contacted.
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