In the first half of 2012, the comprehensive, rapid and healthy development of agricultural machinery

In the first half of this year, the implementation of the agricultural mechanization policy and the organization of agricultural mechanization production were effective, orderly and effective. The key tasks such as technology promotion, education and training, supervision and management were steadily advanced, and the country’s agricultural mechanization maintained a sound and rapid and healthy development.

Standardized, efficient and honest implementation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies policy, the total growth of agricultural machinery and equipment. By the end of June this year, the central government had implemented a total of 11.28 billion yuan in subsidy for agricultural machinery and machinery purchases, accounting for 82% of the first batch of subsidy funds of the central government, and benefiting 2.497 million peasant households. The number of agricultural machinery and equipment used in key crops and key sectors increased rapidly, and the number of large and medium-sized tractors and supporting agricultural tools increased by 12.4% and 12.3% year-on-year respectively. The agricultural machinery industry is booming in both production and sales. The production and sales ratio is over 96%.

Efforts were made to organize spring plowing and the "three summers" of agricultural mechanized production, and the area of ​​agricultural machinery operations continued to increase. A total of 23.6 million agricultural machinery were put into operation in the country for spring cultivation, sowing, and irrigation. A total of 650 million mu of machinery were cultivated in spring and 530 million mu were broadcasted on machines, an increase of 10 million mu and 20 million mu respectively over the previous year. This year, the country's “three summers” large-scale wheat harvested across regions, completed a machine harvest area of ​​282 million mu, machine harvesting level of nearly 90%, and a new high. The cross-regional operation of agricultural machinery has many input devices, rapid wheat harvest progress, good market order, and low expenditure.

Vigorously carry out scientific and technological innovation and promotion of agricultural mechanization, agricultural machinery and agronomy further integration. Launched national agricultural machinery science and technology innovation and promotion actions, carried out research and demonstration of key technologies for the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy of major crops, increased the promotion of 18 agricultural machinery and other key technologies for deep soil preparation, and formulated and issued guidance opinions on the mechanization of potato and rapeseed production. Continued implementation of agricultural mechanization education and training. In the first half of the year, China trained a total of 2.6 million agricultural operator operations, improved conservation tillage, spring corn (wheat) planting mechanization, suppression and conservation techniques, rice transplanting and mechanization techniques, and mechanization of field management in the spring. Technology and other new technology applications.

Strengthen the supervision and management of agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery safety production situation remained stable. Established a comprehensive agricultural, provincial, city, and county agricultural machinery quality complaints and supervision network, focused on the implementation of the special action of "non-compliance and violation of laws and regulations" in agricultural machinery safety production, and organized the supervision of agricultural machinery safety, "promoting excellence in service for the people" demonstration model and demonstration positions model Create an activity. The responsibility system for agricultural machinery safety was implemented throughout the country and efforts were made to eliminate potential accidents. The situation of safe production of the “three-summer” agricultural machinery remained stable during the first half of the year. There was no major agricultural safety accident in the country in the first half of the year.

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